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  • Vida IT BH803 Bluetooth 4.0 Headset with NFC

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    The Vida IT BH803 NFC Bluetooth headset introduces a new types of technology to the wireless sector. With its NFC function you can easily connect your device to the headset by just tapping them together. It features Bluetooth® 4.0 Next Generation Technology, Support for A2DP and AVRCP, NFC Easy Connection Technology.

    28.99 17.99
  • Vida IT Q61 Mini Wireless Mono Bluetooth V3.0 Headset (Black)

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    Introducing the Vida IT Q61 mini Bluetooth headset. The Q61 offer users a quality headset in a tiny and comfortablet in ear design. This headset is small and inconspicuous, fitting easily inside the ear, it offers quality sound and miniature design. Connects seamlessly to your phone to take voice calls while on the move.

    14.99 9.99
  • Vida IT vRun Sports Stereo Bluetooth V3.0 Earphones (Black/Green)

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    The first in a range of Vida IT Sports headsets to be released, introducing the vRun 3.0 sports earphones. These stylish earphones are perfect for those active people who want the freedom to workout without wires to tangle or hold you back from your workout. Have the freedom to excercise while listening to high quality stereo music streamed straight to your earphones.

    The vRun earphones come with Bluetooth v3.0 with AD2P with high quality stereo sound and excellent sub-bass! They have a built in microphone, volume control, one touch answer feature for handsfree wireless phone calls. The vRun earphones have a unique noise reduction feature which drowns out background noise to give you the ultimate experience when listening to your music. It features a long battery life with play time up to 6 hours.

    39.99 29.99
  • Vida IT G13 Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Headset HD Voice Ready and A2DP (Black)

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    The Vida IT G13 Bluetooth 4.0 headset is the first in a line of new low power consumption headset from Vida IT. It features a high quality CSR 8610 chipset which supports HD voice and A2DP music streaming. The introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 has significantly reduced the power consumption of our headset which give longer talk/play time.

    The G13 features the newest version of Bluetooth 4.0 and support Hands Free Profile 1.6. It comes with bi-directional CVC noise reduction to give better sound quality by drowning out background noise. It come with a 60mAh battery which will give up to 5 hours of talk/play time and 7 days of standby. It support music streaming using A2DP, come with built in voice commands and has smart apps connectivity.

    29.99 19.99
  • Vida IT BH702 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 3.0 Wireless Handsfree

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    Bluetooth V3.0 +EDR class 2 – CVC echo/noise reduction, high quality sound – A2DP v1.2 and AVRCP v1.0 for high quality music streaming – Suitable for driving, cycling, running etc

    24.99 14.99