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  • Vida IT Q61 Mini Wireless Mono Bluetooth V3.0 Headset (Black)

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    Introducing the Vida IT Q61 mini Bluetooth headset. The Q61 offer users a quality headset in a tiny and comfortablet in ear design. This headset is small and inconspicuous, fitting easily inside the ear, it offers quality sound and miniature design. Connects seamlessly to your phone to take voice calls while on the move.

    14.99 9.99
  • Vida IT K20 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 3.0 (Black)

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    Introducing the Vida IT K20 wireless Bluetooth headset. With next generation Bluetooth 4.1 technology the K20 is a high quality headset which offers the users handsfree streaming of music and voice audio over wireless connection.

    With up to 4 hours of music and voice audio streaming time the Vida IT K20 headset offers excellent streaming of sound and voice quality. It comes with a second earphone which allows you to stream music in stereo. It comes with an integrated volume button on the side.

    24.99 18.99
  • Vida IT 4GB SD SDHC Memory Card Class 10 Speed

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    High speed performance rating: Class 10 USH-1– High storage capacity of 4GB for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more. High quality grade A flash memory manufactured by CLA licensed manufacturer to ensure the best quality on the market.