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  • Vida IT Q61 Mini Wireless Mono Bluetooth V3.0 Headset (Black)

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    Introducing the Vida IT Q61 mini Bluetooth headset. The Q61 offer users a quality headset in a tiny and comfortablet in ear design. This headset is small and inconspicuous, fitting easily inside the ear, it offers quality sound and miniature design. Connects seamlessly to your phone to take voice calls while on the move.

    14.99 9.99
  • Vida IT V7 Sports Stereo Bluetooth V4.0 Earphones with aptX® Technology (Black/Green)

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    Introducing the Vida IT V7 sports Bluetooth earphones with aptX technology. The V7 earphones are the next generation in sports earphones featuring high quality music transfer like never before. With it’s aptX technology the V7 earphones solves the problem of transferring large audio packets across a wireless connection. Because the wireless pipeline has a maximum width, it can be difficult to flow large audio files through it.

    With aptX this solves the problem by reducing the size of the audio files over Bluetooth so they can be squeezed through the wireless pipeline without affecting the sound quality. This ensures you get high quality audio at all times.

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  • Vida IT BH99 Bluetooth V3.0 Headset (Black)

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    With the Vida IT BH99 LuK Bluetooth headset you can have the freedom to take calls on the go from your mobile or Bluetooth device. The Vida IT BH99 Bluetooth headset is compliant with the newest version 3.0 Bluetooth headsets and is also backward compatible with 2.0 and 1.1. It can connect to 2 Phone at the same time, has a range of 10M and talk time over 5 hours so you won’t need to be constantly charging it. Headset only weights 9 grams and comes in a range of different colours.

    19.99 11.99